Sunday, January 30, 2011

skunk dah nak habis January for 2011.cant wait for February!
dlu Pmr,skunk dah Spm pulak.Dulu 8 subjct je,now 10!
im aim for da Anugerah Bintang for this year n i think nothing impossible to achieve it!
Just falling love with PHYSICS,CHEMISTRY,ADD_MaTH and LK!
now staying at 4Usaha and i promise to myself to score in UPS1!watch out i come!
tp jd prefect this PENAT GILERR!!compare to last year.hopefully SMSS will announced as Sekolah Prestasi Tinggi for 2011.amin,
Last but not least,wedding anak pengetua just awesome n walaupon penat.berbaloi beb!oklah.a lot hw to be done!chow
LOve Physic!