Monday, March 12, 2012

suddenly the miracles come

Future Petronas CEO 
alhamdulillah.tetibe tergerak hati nak wat update blog pagi-pagi buta nih.memg x de keje but at least i am feel better.pic nih ambik time Leadership Outreach kat KLCC tower B level org yg sebelah nih En.Zaidan ,Head of Human Resources Petronas Chemical Group.Hes really friendly.credits to Aliah cuz sudi tlg tangkpkan my only pics there.I think slot hari paling best ari tuh laa.For the first time i jumpe groupmate yang agak havoc but sporting.Nak jd groupleader macam x layak.then i dpt jd mr photographer jelaa.I jd org paling bertuah cuz dpt Canon EOS n Nikon touch screen camera for FREE! naek je bas mak cik 2 org tuh trus bg.redaa jelaa.photographer memg x kan ade pic die dlm camera.then alhamdulillah ade satu nih jelaah pic yg boleh di cilok.
KlCC Tower 1

nih laa my groupmates.sume handsome n cun.x yg penting im not the shortest one.hehehee.ive learnt a lot of things from i know that not all girls are the same.dlu ingt sekolah girls n boys only mesti sombg.but im totally wrong.Syakirin rase mcm dah lame kenal je.padahal baru 24 hours.kalo girls lak.Aliah n Hanan tuh.friendly and sporting.The conclusion is dont judge a book by its cover.Time kat SKYBRIDGE tuh sume mcm org glir berebut nak tangkap gambar.uncle cleaner pon masuk skali time tu.
Convalent bonded
nih laa time yg paling best.when we work together to finish our power point n presentation.Seriously everybody done their parts very well.thanks guys.

Group 1

Jas,Syakirin,Yusri,Rahman n Hazim
Aliah,Hanan,Ain,Aina n Nazatul.

"leadership is not an act,its a habits"