Friday, June 1, 2012

Good Luck Wilayah Persekutuan Rugby Team

Pain is temporary,glory are forever.
nih kami punyeeee
bile Gajah langgar kancil.merasa koo
try paling GILEEE pernah ak tgok
terapung di atas padang.
we are together to make sure the MSSM Rugby Champion title  goes to Wilayah.
were we come!!
sorry Capt Hakimie x dpt nak dtg support kat Seremban but dont worry capt.
We all here to support you all.
Even kalah friendly ngan NS arituh.
I know you all still can perform well.
Come on captain.
Bring it on.

to asle: jangan wat malu dormate.jgn inured sudahh.nak strapping?  nant ak hantar satu lori.

all the best.

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